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Inhale Exhale Lava rock diffuser | essential oil diffuser | Breathe easy


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    A beautiful, natural way to diffuse essential oils and fragrance in your home.

    Our Inhale Exhale oil is a refreshing blend of eucalyptus and camphor essential oils with wintergreen and citrus. Perfect for decongestion, clearing sinuses and relieving the stuffiness caused by a blocked nose.

    Our handmade jesmonite vessel is filled with lava stones, an earthy and intense volcanic mineral, created from molten lava which has solidified quickly under intense pressure and heat. This lava rock diffuser is an incredibly easy to way to diffuse your fragrance without power or water.

    With your diffuser you get a jar in the colour of your choice, lava rocks and a 10ml dropper bottle of our inhale exhale oil.

    First choose your jar style, then simply add 5-8 drops of oil to these ultra-absorbent rocks. Place in a desired area such as next to your computer, yoga mat or by your bed and let the lava stone slowly release the fragrance into the air and help aid your decongestion.

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    Lava rocks, with their unique look, are known to be a grounding stone due to their close connection with the centre of the Earth and harmonises with the root chakra. Generated from when lava is released and cools, it is a known bringer of strength, courage and stability and can calm and ground the user. A great stone for dissipating anger and healing emotional damage.

    Fancy mixing up your fragrance? Simply rinse your lava rocks in cold water for a couple of minutes, lay out to air dry on a kitchen towel and once dry, pop them back into the jar and add your new fragrance.

    When a volcano erupts, red, hot, molten rock spills out of the volcano and flows away as lava until it becomes cool, solid, porous and red/black. People started using Lava centuries ago because of its ability to balance emotions and bring about calmness and strength.


    The pitted, porous surface of lava rock is perfect for essential oil diffusing. The porous nature of lava traps the fragrance molecules, allowing you to benefit from the healing properties of that particular scent throughout the day.


    Adding a drop or two of your favourite scent to the lava rocks can provide hours or even days of aromatherapy benefits. These benefits include mood improvement, emotional balance, and even positive changes in brain chemistry!

    In addition to the health benefits, the convenience of this beautiful jar of rocks is one of the most beneficial aspects. No need for heat or power. Just open the lid, add your fragrance and enjoy. Plus - seeing our handmade jars around your home is a wonderful reminder to take a breath every now and then.

    Every item in our shop is handmade-to-order at our studio in Edinburgh, Scotland and created with love. Due to this they may vary slightly compared to the one in the photo. However, every effort will be made to replicate this design so you can expect something very similar. We use eco friendly natural materials where possible and as everything is handmade, items may contain tiny imperfections. This makes them truly unique. We’re more than happy to make custom changes to any items where possible, just get in touch.

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